This quote belongs to Aldous Leonard Huxley (1894 – 1963).

You can change your clothes, your hair color, your weight, but the most important thing to work on to improve is your attitude. You cannot control all the things that happen to you, but you do have control over your reaction to them. Do not be negative, or you will get negative results. Work hard to cultivate positive thoughts. These are the foundation upon which you need to build your inner character. Use only the good traits for your personal building blocks. Work hard to become a better person today! You will like it and so will the other people in your life!

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52 Week Book Challenge!

WEEK 1 of #52weekbookchallenge

I’ve been reading several books (as always), but one that I’ve been faithfully reading since the beginning of summer titled,

“OUR KIDS” – The American Dream in Crisis by Robert D. Putnam

In summary:

The first chapter sets in Port Clinton, Ohio and presents the audience to different perceptions of nationwide increase in class inequality – “how the class-based opportunity gap among young people has widened in recent decades.”

The following chapter sets in Bend, Oregon and we meet a couple families who by their “different family origins affected their present prospects today.”

The third chapter sets in Atlanta, Georgia and were greeted with three family parenting styles that “illustrate the interplay of economics, family structure, and parent modeling that affects the prospects of kids from different class backgrounds, whatever their racial background.”

When visiting the forth chapter which sets in Orange County, California, we learn the author wants us to understand the importance of school being more than a place to manage students.  It needs to be a educating sanctuary where teachers and other school officials make it a place for positive difference, in not only with the children their teaching, but with their parents and community in which they live.

In this chapter, we were introduce to children from two Mexican American families with firsthand experience of the inequality contrasts of two schools within very little distance of one another, but having crucial difference in individuals and their educational outcomes.  “Their stories reveal a great deal about how the cross currents of family, economics, ethnicity, and other schools influence kids’ opportunities.”

FINALLY, bringing you to the fifth current chapter I’m reading, which we’ll visit with families in Philidelphia, Pennsylvania, in regards to their ‘communities.’

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Wrapping Up the Year!


January came and slipped right on by
Full of work, play, and holiday surprise!
My New Year has started, 2015
I’m off, “On your marks, get ready, Christine!”

Stirring a change, I had plans to incorporate
Meeting with Suzanne was my first action to date.
Wanting more for our kids within the community I see
Poverty, violence, troubled teens in gangs – fighting to be free.

I was full of commitment right from the start
However, in March – it seemed to all fall apart.
I tried to continue with my organized plan
But, news to our family shook hard – “WHAM-BAM!”

Into the courts we fled, our hearts open and hurting
Minds on fire, tired, and burning.
There was nothing we felt we could do to change time
But, miraculously by June – things seemed to settle in fine.

With summer in bloom, and hot weather in toe
Always something to look forward to and fro.
With all our granddaughters turning a year older
Life was blossoming, each ‘Lil’ Princess,’ – their world getting bolder!

Grandpa Jordan put in for a pool
What a blast we all had, it was totally cool!
Freeze-framed selfies galore – dad, mom, sons, girls, and daughter
The more sunny days we had, it raised the temp even hotter!

In July, we rescued yet another pup from death row
Now Jelly Bean has a brother, his name is Lynch – “Beast Mode!”
He wasn’t real sure about his surroundings at first
But, with “Beans” tugging at him – his character did flourish!

Met up with a dear friend I hadn’t seen in awhile
Met for coffee, laughed, and walked over a mile.
It was so good to see her, I wished we had had more time
She left for Nevada to be with her husband – for her it’s sublime.

Family entered August, our last month to be
Spending most of our days out in the end Summer breeze.
Took a trip with some girlfriends to a place called Gig Harbor
Sharing stories, shopping, playing games – a real spirit booster!

September rushed in, back to work I go
Still having remembrance of the past summer’s glow.
I always miss my time at home with family and close friends
But, I enjoy my job too and look forward to meeting new students.

I’m not done with my vision to help those less fortunate
Always thinking of new ideas and opportunities to formulate.
For my passion lies with action, not just sitting doing nothing
It’s time to give back to the community – optimistically blazing!

In October, our youngest boy turned 21
Dad and I are so proud of the adult he’s become.
With an abundance of resources, support and technology
We have all the faith that Keith will continue to rise undoubtedly!

November with family and friends, always a fun harvest
Turkey, ham, potatoes, stuffing – Jordan cooks only the BEST!
Missed our granddaughters, Zoey-Ann and Miley-J
One had Chicken Pox and the other at another home-stay.

December rolled in with a blessed-bundled gift to our family
Lil’ Baby Brody came on the second – what a handsome sweet-pea!
As I’m feeling the spirit and getting things done
Wishing you and your families the very best – ‘Tis the season to EVERYONE!

Love and live well,

Anyone for Facebook or Instagram?


I’ll share, you share, let’s share together!

What do think??

Leave me your facebook or instagram channel and we can hook up!  Avid social-butterfly on facebook (not so much on instagram, but do have connections).

Today, it’s all about “shopping!”

~Love and live well,


Hello and Welcome!


So, where do I start?

I’ve always enjoyed reading and writing and I’m very interested in continuing my passion.  And I’m at a point in my life where I’m ready to dive in and welcome others to be apart of my journey as a writer as well.

If you’re interested in becoming someone who shares with others about their personal stories, inspirations, and other life blessings – I welcome you to my world and look forward to becoming apart of yours.

Over time I will share poetry, story lines, favorite quotes, self-growth, faith, and family stories.  I enjoy accentuating the positive, so no Debbie-Downer here!  Sure, I’ve got my struggles, but I try to turn those most challenging obstacles in life to learning from them and going forward with the belief that there are reasons we come to them – to make us stronger!

Feel free to leave a comment or just to say, hello!

Talk to you soon~

~Love and live well,